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Chandigarh Post Matric Scholarships for SC Students

Chandigarh Administration-Education Department

Award of Post Matric Scholarships to the students belonging to Scheduled Castes for the year 2012-13

Education Department, Chandigarh Administration has decided to award Post Matric Scholarships to the students belonging to SC for studies in India under the Govt of India scheme

Eligibility: These scholarships will be given for the study of all recognized post matriculation for post-secondary courses pursued in recognized institutions with the following exceptions

Scholarships are not awarded for training course like Aircraft Maintenance Engineer’s courses and Private Pilot license courses

Courses at Trainingship Dufferin (Non Rajendra), courses of Training at the Military College, Dehradun, courses at pre-examination training centers of All India and state levels’

Only those candidates who belong to SC so specified in relation to the State/Union Territory to which the applicant actually belongs (permanently settled) and who have passed the Matriculation or Higher Secondary or any examination of a recognized university or board of secondary education will be eligible

Candidates who after passing one stage of education are studying in the same stage of education in different subject (1 SC after IA or B.Com after B.A. or M.A. in other subject) will not be eligible

Students who after having completed their educational career in one Prof Eng LLB after B.T./B.Ed will not be eligible from the academic year in two professional courses are allowed

Students studying in Class XI of the Higher Secondary Schools course of the XII class of the multipurpose Higher School will not be eligible for it being a continuous school course

However, in case where both class examination of such course is treated as equivalent to matriculation and students who after passing 10th class join other courses, such students will be treated as Post Matric students and will be eligible for the award of scholarships

Students pursuing post graduate courses in medicine will be eligible if they are not allowed to practice during the period of their course

Students who after failing or passing the under graduate/post graduate examinations in Arts Science/Commerce join any recognized professional or technical certificate/diploma/degree courses will be awarded scholarships if otherwise eligible, no subsequent failure will be condoned except courses in group

Students who pursue their studies through correspondence courses are also eligible

The term correspondence includes distant and continues education

Employed students whose income combined with the income of their parents/guardians does not exceed the maximum prescribed income ceiling are made eligible for Post Matric Scholarships to the extent of reimbursement of all compulsory payable non refundable fees

All children of the same parents/guardians will be entitled to receive benefits of the scheme

A Scholarship holder under this scheme will not hold any other scholarship/stipend, the student can exercise his/her option for either of the two scholarships/stipends, whichever is more beneficial to him/her and should inform the awarding authority through the Head of the Institution about the option made

No scholarship will be paid to the students under this scheme from the date he/she accepts another scholarship/stipend

The student can however accept free lodging or a grant or adhoc monetary held from the State Govt or any other source for the purchase of books, equipment or for meeting the expenses or board and lodging in addition to the scholarship amount under this scheme

Scholarship holders who are receiving coaching in any of the pre-examination training centers with financial assistance from the Central Govt/State Govt will not be eligible for stipend under the coaching schemes for the duration of the coaching programme

Scholarship will be paid to the students who parents/guardians income from all sources not exceed Rs 2,00,000/- per annum

Application Form: The application forms are available from the website www.chdeducation.gov.in

The students studying in class XI/XII should submit their forms through their respective institutes to District Education Officer, Chandigarh Administration, Sector-19, Chandigarh before 05th October, 2012

The forms (except for XI/XII classes) should reach in the office of Director Higher Education, Additional Deluxe Building, UT, Sector-9D, Chandigarh complete in all respects by 05th October, 2012 positively


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