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To promote original writing in Hindi, Department of Ocean Development invites Scientific books (published or manuscript) or two notified years on the topics related to Oceanography such as

  • Living and non-living resources of Ocean;
  • Polymetallic nodules from deep seabed;
  • Antarctic Research;
  • Marine Environment-control of pollution;
  • Harnessing of wave energy and Ocean Thermal Power conversion; and
  • Any other discipline pertaining to the Ocean Sciences.


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The Scheme is open to all Indian citizens (except those employed in the Department) residing in India and abroad.

There are three prizes under this Scheme:

First Prize : Rs. 20,000

Second Prize : Rs. 15,000

Third Prize : Rs. 10,000

Books written or published within the preceding 3 years including the year of the award will only be considered for the prize. Manuscript should accompany a written undertaking from the author that if it is selected for the prize, it will be published within six months of the declaration of the result. Books sent for the same competition in previous years will not be entertained again. Details about the rules and regulations and application forms regarding competition can be obtained by post or personally from Assistant Director (O.L), Department of Ocean Development, Mahasagar Bhavan, Block No. 12, C.G.O. Complex, Lodhi Road, New Delhi-110003, Telephone: 4362820

Books (5 copies) received after a specified date of July, will not be entertained by the Department.

Notifications for the programme are published in May.