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BCA Entrance Exam Question papers - Sample papers - Previous Question Papers

BCA Entrance Exam Question Papers

Bachelor of Computer Application, mostly referred to as B.C.A. is an exciting professional discipline offering numerous career opportunities. The basic aim of completing the degree is that is provides good working knowledge in Database and Internet Applications.  The objectives of the programme shall be to provide sound academic base from which an advanced career in Computer Application can be developed. Conceptual grounding in computer usage as well as its practical business application will be provided.

Question Paper Pattern for BCA Entrance Examination

Most commonly a BCA entrance exam question paper will comprise of questions from the following topics:

1) Mathematics- Basic Algebra, Basic trigonometry, Basic Geometry, Arithmetic Ability, Basic Satistics, etc

2) Logical Ability & Reasoning- In this section the question s are designed to test the logical Reasoning, Quantitative Aptitude including Numerical Ability and Data Interpretation.

3) Computer Awareness & IT- Basic knowledge of computer and its application are tested up to level of Class X.

4) General Knowledge- Questions are set to test the general awareness, scientific temper, comprehension and appreciation of scientific phenomena of everyday observation, and current affairs.

5) English Knowledge & Comprehension- Grammar and phonology, Reading an unseen passage, Comprehension, interpretation and drawing inference.

All over the examination is of objective type, on a multiple choice questionnaire. Generally the numbers of questions vary between 150-200, to be answered, usually in 2 or two and half hours, depending on the institution. The type of questions, in general, include true and false, fill in the blanks, short answer type questions, etc. The level of the examination varies between 10-12 standard, depending on the institution.
Some of the recent question papers as follows.


Section I : General Aptitude

  1. The coalition central government  in power in India is

a) UPSC                  c) UPA
b) Congress           d) NDA

  1. Canine is a term referred to the species of the ______ family.

a) Cow                    c) Cat
b) Monkey             d) Dog

  1. Recently a new government has been formed in UK under the leadership of

a) Tony Blair         
b) Gordon Brown
c) David Cameron               
d) Grady Booch

  1. The ongoing Census 2011 in India is the _____ National Census.

a) 15th   c) 16th
b) 13th   d) 12th

  1. The Eyjafjallajokul volcanic eruption happened in

a) Moscow             c) Ireland
b) Nigeria               d) Iceland

  1. The UN’s Climate Change Conference, December 2009 was held in

a) Copenhagen    
b) Seoul
c) Geneva                             
d) New York

  1. The FIFA World Cup 2010 will be held in

a) Brazil 
b) South Africa
c) Denmark          
d) England

  1. In the game of Hockey, each team has ____ players on the field at any one time

a) 11                       c) 9
b) 13                       d) 10

  1. Wimbledon is associated with

a) Football                             c) Tennis
b) Basketball                         d) Cricket

  1.  Circle the odd man out:-

a) P. V.  Narasimha Rao
b) Atal Bihari Vajpayee
c) K. R. Narayanan
d) Lal Bahadur Shastri

Section II : Logical Reasoning

  1. In a certain code KNIFE is written as $3%#5 and LAKE is written as 7@$5. How is FAIL written in that code?

a) %$#7               c) #@%7                         b) $@%7         d) $%@7


a) Stethoscope : Doctor             
b) Weddig : Caterer
c) Rings : Jeweller
d) Pharmacist : Pharmacist

  1. Count the number of triangles in the  following figure

a) 8                         c) 11
b) 9                         d) 13

  1. Insert the missing number

857, 969, 745, 1193, ?
a) 2093  c) 297
b) 1400  d) 2089

  1. A second is _____ fraction of an hour.

a) 1/24         c) 1/60
b) 1/120       d) 1/3600

  1. Which part contains the fractions in ascending order?

a)  11/14, 16/19, 19/21     
b)  16/19, 11/14,  19/21
c)  16/19,  19/21,  11/14
d)  19/21, 11/14,  16/19

  1. Complete the following

B              G             N             ?
F              M            V              V

a) I                           c)M
b) P                         d) K

  1. Which one does not belong to the group?

a) Pencil                 c) Chalk
b) Notebook          d) Pen

        I.     SKEPTICAL : DOUBT

a)                    Resolute : Determination
b)                   Pristine : Grace
c)                    Tainted : Honoour
d)                   Stringent : Suggestions


Section III : Basic Arithmetic Skills

  1. The circumference of a Compact Disc can be measured as

a) Πr2                         c) 2Πr
b) 2Πr2     d) Πr2h

  1. Two apples and three mangoes cost Rs.86. Four apples and a mango cost Rs.112. Find the cost of an apple.

a) 35                       c) 20
b) 30                       d) 25

  1. The average of 11, 23, K is 40, the value of K is

a) 86                       c) 120
b) 35                       d) 12

  1. The LCM of 24, 39, 60 and 150 is

a) 7800  c) 3900
b) 15600                d) 5200

  1. There are 10 TRUE and FALSE questions. The number of ways they can be answered is

a) 10!                      c) 210
b) 102                                d) 10

  1. Divide 378 into two parts in the ratio of 2:7.

a) 84 & 294           c) 80 & 298
b) 42 & 336           d) 126 & 252

  1. Convert 0.5% into fraction.

a) 1/5                     c) 1/20
b) 1/500                                d) 1/200

  1. A train travels 82.6 km/hour. How many metres will it travel in 15 minutes?

a) 20.65 c) 206.50             
b) 2065  d) 20650

  1. Susan can type 10 pages in 5 minutes. Mary can type 5 pages in 10 minutes. Working together, how many pages can they type in 30 minutes?

    a) 15      c) 20
    b) 25      d) 75

  1. Two numbers are in the ratio 2:3. If 5 is added to each number, the ratio becomes 5:7. The numbers are

a) 30 & 42             c) 20 & 30
b) 35 & 49             d) 20 & 42

  1. There are 10 TRUE and FALSE questions. The number of ways they can be answered is

a) 10!                      c) 210
b) 102                                d) 10

  1. 75% of 48 is


a) 64                       c) 48                      
b) 36                       d) 0.36


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