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BCA Entrance Exam Books for Preparation

BCA entrance exam Books

Bachelor in Computer Applications is a bachelor's degree awarded for an undergraduate course or program in the Information technology field. The degree is normally required in order to work in the Information technology industry.

The entrance exam is conducted for admissions to the BCA programme. BCA entrances test a candidate’s aptitude for the programme, and his suitability from the same. It is a test of knowledge coupled with speed and accuracy, as all these exams have around 150 plus questions, expected to be answered in close to two hours. Strong command over the basic concept is therefore, a must to score well.


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Good Books for BCA Entrance Exam preparation

BCA Entrance Exam Guide by R. Gupta

GGSIPUBCA Entrance Exam Guide by RPH Editorial Board

A complete Self Study Guide BAC by Arihant click here to order now

BCA Bachelor of Computer Application Entrance Exam by G. K. Publications



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