Vision of a Business School for Working Executives, The objective of an executive MBA program is to develop bright, enthusiastic and aspirational executives into management leaders

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Vision of a Business School for Working Executives

The objective of an executive M.B.A program is to develop bright, enthusiastic and aspirational executives into management leaders and change agents in the business arena.

It is of utmost importance to carefully gather all the facts and make an assessment before enrolling for the course.

Reputation of great universities and institutions of learning is built over a long period of time, based on multiple factors. Moreover different colleges or universities are known more for some particular course or discipline.

As a general rule a good business school known for its regular M.B.A program can be trusted to run a good executive M.B.A aA working executive may not have any management educational background and would have been learning different aspects of the business world in general and of particular industries in particular, through hands-on experience and a process of trial and error.

Moreover his/her thinking is shaped by and restricted to the functions being  handled, e.g. an operations or manufacturing person is not always able to appreciate the demands of the market forces and the view point of the marketing colleagues and vice-versa.

The B-School education aims at broadening the outlook and strengthening the skills of the practicing mangers to prepare them for changing roles in the changing world and to understand the broader picture.

The program provides the students with a general management perspective and also introduces them to the latest trends and practices related to several business functions.

Traditional management hierarchies are crumbling as more dispersed and virtual organization becomes the norm. Global markets and supply sources are affecting every organization. The intellectual content of the work is changing continuously.

The pace of change in the last decade has been phenomenal. Technology has changed the markets and the marketing dynamics totally.

The mobile phone penetration in the remote and rural areas has brought new awareness to the vast multitudes. While the telephone companies have expanded their business many folds due to expansion of networks, consumer goods and other companies are using the mobile phone platform as a powerful source of advertising their products and services.

Internet access has led to the popularity of the social network sites and this has opened a very powerful and new medium for interaction and opinion sharing. Every organization wants to ‘feel the pulse’ of its customers and the social interaction sites have emerged as the best option.

Old ways of reaching the customer are not so valid any more.

The globalization has brought in greater homogeneity in food and fashion. The product life cycles are getting shorter and the customer is getting more demanding.

How can you cope with the changing trends and the new paradigms?

The B-Schools work towards preparing the students to accept and embrace change. Sufficient exposure to the Indian and international management practices enables the students to be strong on their technical and key skills required for decision making, besides of course learning about the vital role of ‘business strategy’ and ‘business planning’.

The program is based on a judicious mix of class room lectures, case studies and discussions, project work, term papers, role-playing, seminars, presentations, management games and simulations.

A lot of importance is given to participation in various management-clubs and some schools even encourage the students to take up small entrepreneurial projects. This enables them to work in teams and participate in activities aimed at ‘team successes’.

 Participation in extra curricular activities and sports is encouraged and recreational breaks are planned for de-stressing.

The overall focus is on providing a holistic experience to the students so that they can become outstanding managers, who are able to face real life situations effectively.



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