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Tips for AIPMT Preparation

With the big day merely four and a half months ahead, AIPMT aspirants across the country are definitely leaving no stones unturned to ensure that their preparations are thorough and consistent. However, just like with most other entrance exams, the inherent challenges associated with the AIPMT also demands a carefully carved out strategic planning alongside its smooth execution and improvisation as the situation demands.

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Tips for AIPMT Preparation

The following is a rundown of some important tips and tricks that could help you boost your preparations for this cut throat competitive medical entrance test.

  1. First and foremost, don’t count the number of remaining days left till the exam. Doing so usually results in unwarranted pressure on the candidate himself/herself.
  2. Establish a fine balance between your preparations for the forthcoming Boards exam and the preparations for the AIPMT. It is advisable that you shift your focus towards the former until the Boards are over. However, that does not mean that you should halt your AIPMT preparations altogether. Keep at least 2-3 hours for that exclusively everyday. Preferably you should spend those 2 or 3 hours practicing 20 objective type questions from at least two subjects on a day to day basis. Also, make it a point to evaluate your performance in these mock tests regularly because that will help you identify both your strength and weaknesses. In fact, it is recommended that you spend 30 mins to one hour extra assessing where your weaknesses lie and how to improve them.
  3. Try and come up with short mnemonics that can be preserved in recent memory before the exams. Always remember that self made mnemonics usually tend to work best – especially when it comes to topics such as animal tissues, families of angiosperm, plant anatomy, modification plant, and plant and animal diversity (taxonomy).
  4. Don’t emphasize on the amount of time you spend on the study table, instead focus as much you can on the quality of the time you spend there. It’s important that you smartly plan your study schedule. Here’s a few tips how you can use Google Calendar to plan your study schedules (Although the article talks about JEE 2014, the tips mentioned therein are equally applicable with AIPMT).
  5. Avoid late night study – try and make sure that you fall asleep by 1 am every night. Wake up at around 8-8:30 in the morning, refresh yourself with a cup of tea or coffee may be, and then start the day’s study schedule.

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