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Normalization of Class 12th marks for JEE Main 2014

JEE MAIN 2014 Solved Question papers

CBSE makes available percentile and normalization of class 12th/Qualifying exam for JEE

The Central Board of Secondary Education has made available the normalization and percentile of marks for class 12th/Qualifying examination for Joint Entrance Examination 2014.

The notification issued by the JEE (Main) Secretariat affirms that being drastically different from one another, the percentage of marks should not be confused with percentile. While percentage is a number out of 100, the term percentile will only be used to denote how many candidates, in total, scored below a particular candidate in his or her Board or JEE (Main) examination.

Therefore, apparently, a percentile score is the value below which a certain percentage of observation fall. For example, the 50th percentile is the score or value below which 50 per cent of the total observations is likely to be found.

The percentile of an individual candidate shall be calculated as,

(100 x Total number of candidates in the “group” with aggregate marks less than that candidate)


                      Overall number of candidates in that particular group


For JEE (Main) 2014, if a candidate submits his or her particulars for qualifying exam 2013, the top 20 percentile criteria of 2013, shall be applicable (declared by IITs following the declaration of the boards’ 2013 results). In the same way, all candidates who are providing their qualifying exam particulars of 2014, the criteria of 20 percentile shall be applicable (to be declared after the board result of 2014).

The 5 subjects whereupon the percentile as well as normalization of qualifying exam marks for paper 1 (B.E/B.Tech) and paper 2 (B.Arch./B.Planning) of JEE (Main) include:

  1. Language
  2. Physics
  3. Mathematics
  4. Any one of (Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biology, Technical Vocational Subject)
  5. Any other subject

If a candidate appears in all six subjects, then only the subject with better mark (5th or 6th) shall be considered.

Also, the candidates planning to appear in the improvement exam to boost their qualifying exam marks shall get only one chance to inform JEE (Main) Unit as to which year’s qualifying exam marks to be considered for evaluating and declaring the final merit.

For detail information, visit the official CBSE notification at: jeemain.nic.in


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6 Responses to “Normalization of Class 12th marks for JEE Main 2014”

  1. darpan Ghai says:

    our PCM percentage is 49.5 can we apply the for JEE Main 2014

  2. Jayanthy says:

    I have a doubt…. Suppose in one group of 100 people if all 100 people score 90 percent, then their percentile would be 0!!!!!!….. The mark I have score would make a sense or the number of persons below my mark would matter or make sense….percentage of marks scored should be taken into account…. doesn’t matter how many are behind me……

  3. Biplab Das says:

    B E entrance exam…

  4. jkaur says:

    if i have chemistry, computer-I and Computer -II as technical vocational subject then whether marks of computer -I or Computer-II will be considered for calculating percentile?

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