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How to register Online for CAT 2013 Exam?

CAT 2013 Exam – Online Registration Process

To register to take the CAT 2013, go to www.cat2013.iimidr.ac.in and click on the “Register for CAT 2013” link.

You can register and schedule for the CAT 2013 from 5 August – 26 September 2013.

See Video – How to register Online for CAT 2013 Exam?

During registration, you will:

1. Create a profile.

2. Fill out the CAT application.

3. Schedule your test.

Estimated time to complete this process: 20- 30minutes.

Before you begin, you should gather all the information you will need to complete the registration process, including your voucher, educational history, mark sheets (SSC, HSC, and graduation), work experience, and a list of the IIM programmes to which you are applying.

Opening Screen

On the first screen of the registration website, you will see two boxes–“New users” and “Existing users.”

The first time you come to this website, please follow the instructions for “New users.” This includes candidates who previously registered for CAT 2009, CAT 2010, CAT 2011 or CAT 2012.


For “New users,” you must enter your voucher number.

Use a coin and gently scratch (as illustrated on the right) to obtain your voucher number. You may also obtain the voucher number online on the website www.cat2013.iimidr.ac.in.

Important Instructions

1. Check your eligibility for CAT 2013 on www.cat2013.iimidr.ac.in.

2. You must purchase a CAT 2013 voucher either from selected list of Axis Bank branches or online from the website www.cat2013.iimidr.ac.in prior to beginning the online registration process. More information may be found on www.cat2013.iimidr.ac.in.

3. “*” indicates mandatory field. The boxes marked with this symbol must be filled in or you will not be allowed to complete your registration.

4. Ensure you have a valid and unique email address before you begin the registration process.

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