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Good exam hygiene: Important Study Tips

  Are your exams around the corner? Are you going berserk trying to cope with the stress? Are you beating yourself on the head with a timetable which is impossible to maintain? What you need to do is ease out… Continue Reading →

Tips to score 95% in class 10 Social Studies paper

  Here, we are going to discuss how to score 95% marks in CBSE Class 10 Social Studies examination. If you are not happy with your marks or want to score maximum marks, you should follow these instructions.   The… Continue Reading →

Sureshot Tips to crack CGL Exam

Tips and tricks to crack CGL Exam. Here are sure shot tips for getting high scores in SSC Combined Graduate level exam Exam 2018.

How to calculate Square Root of Numbers Fast ?

Calculate Square Root of Numbers Fast – in just 5 seconds. Yes, you can calculate square root of numbers fast. Don’t believe this – check out the video from Ruchika which tells you how to “calculate the Square root of numbers in Just 5 seconds”.