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Interview coming up? Here’s how to handle difficult questions

Interview coming up? Crack the difficult questions. Read up to know how to prepare for tough questions in an interview.

Non Verbal Communication – Your body language talks!

It is just not what or how you speak for good Communication Skills – Your Body language Matters! Communication skills are a must for advancement but communication does not mean good speaking skills only it is a complete combo of the Non-verbal communication skills or the smart act of the body language plus the gift of the gab or the super speaking skills!

Powerful Affirmations for fear of public speaking

Remember, affirmations gain their power from repetition. The more often you say them, the more they will impact your reality. Affirmations are not a one-time-even, learn to say them until life is perfect.

Stress management techniques for students

Getting up early and keeping up late is not the only thing that will get you to score well. Keep grounds with reality, be realistic in achieving your timetable for studying and most importantly don’t give a second seat to your health.

Mock Tests can help boost your exam preparation

No matter what one says – mock tests are always important. Good for Exam preparation. Especially when it comes to self assessment – meaning to identify your own strengths and weaknesses.

Time Management – A Need of the Hour

Time is an important and unique resource, which can neither be generated nor accumulated and nor does it appreciate or depreciate. It has to be spent in a fixed packet of 60 minutes an hour. Neither it can be slowed nor moved faster, nor it can be regenerated or reversed. All of us are well conversant with the phrase ‘time and tide waits for none’.

The Art of Communication

You can use your communication skill to move toward you goals or you can allow your lack of skills to hold you back. Whatever you do, your communication power contributes to the overall image others have of you when they meet you in person. Your communication skill is even more significant when you are being interviewed.

Stress Signals and Ways to Manage Stress

Stress in the modern day world has taken the shape of a demon. Problems related to stress are plenty, starting from illness to difficult states of mind, which makes a person depressed and de-motivated. It is important to be aware of how our body reacts to stress.

Online Tutoring – 10 Things you should know

Online tutoring is becoming popular among the teaching community, specially language teachers. This trend is accompanied by the ever increasing demand for online learning. According to eSchool News, the last three years have seen 300% increase in online learning among high school students. The trend is upward and teachers can expect a surging population of online students for practically any subject under the sun.

Learn Maths Online with SuccessCDs Education

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Personality Development Tips you should not miss

  Tips for Improving and Evolving Personality The earlier article ‘Mystique of An Impressive Personality’ enumerates qualities that go into making an impressive personality. Here are ways to develop these qualities: – A Frank and Honest Analysis

Mystique of an Impressive Personality

Do you have an Impressive personality ? Personality is an enormously mystifying phenomenon. Here is an attempt to understand: What attributes constitute to make an impressive Personality? What makes a Person stand out in a crowd? What is this mysterious… Continue Reading →