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Is English important for Group Discussions?

Importance of English in Group Discussions – See answers to questions like Can a person speak in Hindi?, Why is English ideal for group discussions. English is preferred over Hindi since it is a global language and the recruiters in the multinational companies can prefer English depending on the nature of the job. The judges observe the knowledge of the candidate, their expressions, vocabulary and confidence.

CMAT Exam Dates 2013

Ques: Please tell me the CMAT Exam Dates 2013  ? What should be the Eligibility, test fee and the payment mode? Answer: Here is the  CMAT Exam Dates 2013 . The CMAT EXAM Dates for (second test) will be from… Continue Reading →

Career in Banking

Job opportunities for graduates and post-graduates in banking are excellent in India. Once you complete a selective professional course in banking, you will immediately be offered a position as a banking sales officer with the private banks. Of course, your technical skills and basic communication skills do matter in the process.

Actuary and its Duties and Responsibilities

What is an Actuary? Answer : An Actuary is a highly trained statistician with expertise in evaluating various types of risks. Roughly 60% of actuaries are employed by insurance companies, and play a key role in setting the terms and… Continue Reading →

Career Prospects after Postgraduate Diploma in Rural Development from IGNOU

What are the Career Prospects after Postgraduate Diploma in Rural Development from IGNOU? Answer : Rural India (65,000 villages) contributes 60% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and accounts for 53% of the fast moving consumer goods that are… Continue Reading →

MBA in Insurance, Other Insurance Courses After B.Com

MBA in Insurance, Other Insurance Courses After B.Com, Given the annual growth rates of the insurance sector, an MBA in insurance is a fast track career option. You could also check about the MBA programme offered by the National Insurance Academy