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Hotel Management

Hotel Management Courses, Career, Salary, Entrance exam, Top Institutes

Hotel Management Courses are the best career option in India. Check out the Courses, Salary, Jobs, and Entrance exam for Hotel Management Courses.

Hotel Management Course after Class 12th – Courses, Institutes, Scope, Salary, Entrance exams

Hotel Management Course Hotel Management is one of the most prestigious and creative courses which requires the student to learn about the management of a hotel and the hospitality industry. There are many perks of working in the Hotel Management… Continue Reading →

Is English important for Group Discussions?

Importance of English in Group Discussions – See answers to questions like Can a person speak in Hindi?, Why is English ideal for group discussions. English is preferred over Hindi since it is a global language and the recruiters in the multinational companies can prefer English depending on the nature of the job. The judges observe the knowledge of the candidate, their expressions, vocabulary and confidence.

Start applying for NCHMCT-JEE 2015 Hotel Management Admissions

Start applying for NCHMCT-JEE 2015 Hotel Management Admissions. NCHMCT It is a national-level examination for admission to Bachelor of Science Hospitality & Hotel Administration.

Options in Travel and Tourism

What are the different Travel and Tourism Courses? Which Institutes are offering this Course and what are its Career Prospects? Answer: If you are interested to enter into a career in travel and tourism, you should complete your Plus Two… Continue Reading →

Professional Chef Courses in India

I want to be a professional chef Please let me know the Courses in India. You could enroll in a hotel management study programme of three or four-years duration. Training to qualify as a chef is included. However, specialised courses are available. After completing class XII you are eligible to apply for the three-year diploma in chef management