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UGC Net Coaching in Chandigarh

List of institutes offering UGC NET Coaching in Chandigarh. Good coaching along with self-study can help you crack the CBSE UGC NET Dec 2015 which can be a major step to achieving success

UGC academic job portal for NET PhD jobs

Question– Is there a UGC academic Job portal dedicated to NET, PhD and SET job Openings in Higher Education Institutes in India. Is It True ? Please give the details  Answer UGC has launched a dedicated academic job portal enabling… Continue Reading →

Good Coaching Centres for CSIR-UGC NET and GATE Chemistry in Bangalore

Ques. Apart from GATE IIT Is there any other good coaching centres for CSIR-UGC (NET) and GATE CHEMISTRY in Bangalore? Answer: Yes, its is true that GATE IIT ( Gate – Indian Institute of Tutorials) is one and only the… Continue Reading →