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Preparation for UPSC Civil Services Interview

The UPSC Civil Services examination is conducted in two phases; the Preliminary Paper which consists of two objective type papers and then the Main Examination which consists of nine further papers which is followed by an interview. This interview is correctly termed as a personality test as the aim of the interview is to assess the candidate’s behavior, personality, his/her presence of mind along with assessing whether the candidate is suitable to be a administrator or not.

Stress management techniques for students

Getting up early and keeping up late is not the only thing that will get you to score well. Keep grounds with reality, be realistic in achieving your timetable for studying and most importantly don’t give a second seat to your health.

Are SAT/ ACT ( standardized tests ) worth the trouble ?

Are SAT/ ACT or other standardized tests worth the trouble? a study by NPR shows whether they have superseded their value for admissions in colleges/ universities. William Hiss, the study’s lead author, “They’re not an intelligence test, and there are many, many students who may be brilliant, may be very, very talented, but are not successfully measured by speed processing.”

Leaving your mark as a fresher in the corporate world

As a fresher, there are always some doubts and questions about the corporate environment as there are always some challenges that he/she can face. Here we have listed some most common challenges that every fresher goes through at his first job.

Career in NGO

NGO is a non profit or charitable organization that may be affiliated with the Government or a private sector firm and takes up social causes which are plaguing the society we live in. Career in NGO is good option for person who desire to work for those who are helpless, deprived and in distress.