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AIPGMEE 2014 Exam goes online – to be a Computer-based test (CBT)

What every AIPGMEE 2014 aspirant should know ?

AIPGMEE 2014 Exam goes online – to be a Computer-based test (CBT)

From the Current Year , there will be a new testing format of All India PG Medical Entrance Exam popularly known as AIPGMEE 2014.

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The All India PG Medical Entrance Exam has changed from a paper and pencil test to a computer-based test (CBT). Candidates may please Note that AIPGMEE is not an Internet-based test, i.e. a candidate does not take the test over the Internet. Instead of reading the questions from a paper booklet and darkening the ovals in an answer sheet, a candidate will now read the questions on a computer screen and choose an answer by using a mouse to click on the appropriate option.

Check out this Video on AIPGMEE 2014

IMPORTANT Practice Tests Available on NBE Website – Don’t Miss it

What will be in the Practice Tests ??

Ase per information available on the NATBOARD website, The Practice Test is a sample computer-based test that is intended to familiarise candidates with the navigation and functionality of the AIPGMEE. It includes a tutorial on using the various features of the test like moving between screens, selecting, de-selecting, marking and reviewing responses etc., as well as some sample questions which will allow candidates to try out these features. Note that these sample questions are not representative of the content of difficulty level of the actual test.

All Candidates are advised to check out the Practice Tests by visiting the Link here.

Difference between Online and Offline test –

The only difference between the Online Entrance Exam (Computer Based Test) and the Paper and Pencil Mode is that in the way the questions are presented, and how responses are recorded.

Where to take the Test?

The Candidate cannot sit at home or his office and take the test. The candidate will have to test on a pre-assigned workstation, in the testing Centre chosen by him/her during the time of registration and scheduling.

Exam Time is 3 hours and 30 Minutes in which every candidate gets 15 Minutes.

The FAQs mentioned in AIPGMEE website says that There will also be an additional 15-minute tutorial prior to the start of the test.
Candidates will also need to accept a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before beginning the test.

Number of Questions –

There will be a total of 300 questions in one section.

Type of Questions –

The AIPGMEE Exam will only contain multiple choice questions (MCQ), each with four (4) options and only one (1) correct response.

AIPGMEE MCQ Questions for practice

PG Medical Entrance Exam Question Bank CD for Practice (PG Medical Entrance Test) Suitable for All India PG Entrance Exam 2014 – Thousands of Questions for Practice as per syllabus – More Info

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