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DU UG Admission 2018 Online Registration Procedure

What is the Registration Process for Undergraduate Programmes at DU ?


Step by step registration process

  • To register online, an applicant must visit the following URL: https://admission.du.ac.in
  • The UG Admission Portal of the University of Delhi is mobile/tab friendly. However, the webpage may appear different on different devices. The instructions given below are for the webpage as it appears on a desktop/laptop.
  • As a first time user, the applicant shall go to “New Applicant Sign Up” to create the user account by clicking on the New Registrationlink.
  • Under the ―Create New Account‖ page, all fields are mandatory and are marked with a red asterisk (*) adjacent to the field.
  • Applicants who do not have a valid email-id must create an email-id before proceeding further. The applicant must also ensure that the email-id and password is kept handy for all the future correspondence/reference regarding admission process.
  • The applicant shall enter her/his name as mentioned in Class XII Board records. For example, if your name is Raj Kumar Gupta, enter Raj as your first name, Kumar as your middle name and Gupta as your surname. If you do not have a middle name, leave the box blank.
  • Enter your existing email-id and confirm it by entering it again, which henceforward will be your login-id and also will be used for the admission purposes.
  • The applicant must choose the security question from the drop-down menu and write an appropriate answer in the “Security Answer” box. The applicant must note it down (both the security question and security answer) as it would be required in case the applicant forgets the password, failing which the applicant would not be able to access the registration account.
  • The applicant shall then create a password (of minimum eight characters) for online registration. Re-enter the same password in “Confirm Password” text box.
  • The applicant shall also provide a valid mobile phone number (10 digit number without any prefix, i.e. 0 or +91).
  • After entering all the details, enter the “Captcha” in the text box (which is case sensitive).
  • The applicant must ensure that all the details entered are correct. Before submitting the details, the applicant must confirm that the details entered are correct (by clicking the check-box). Finally click the ―Register‖ button to create a user account.
  • Once the applicant is done with the process as outlined above, a screen will appear with the user‘s registration account details. The applicant should save these details by clicking on the link ―Click here to save this information for future reference‖, which will be marked as, ―Registration Detail.pdf‖ file that can be saved on the applicant‘s local device.
  • After completion of the above process, a message confirming registration of your account will be sent on your e-mail/mobile number. However, even if you do not receive an e-mail/mobile message, your user account is still functional.
  • To proceed further, the applicant must visit the UG Admission portal home page by clicking on the link, ―Continue to homepage‖ on the left side of the screen.
  • Once registered, the applicant can now log on to the UG admission portal to complete the online registration form. In the ―Registered Candidates Sign In‖ on the right side, applicant shall enter ―registered email-id‖ as username and the ―password‖, as entered by the applicant during sign up. The applicant must enter the characters in the ―Captcha Image‖ text box and proceed to ―login‖.
  • In case the applicant has forgotten the password or wishes to reset it, the applicant can do so by clicking ―Reset Password‖ button. The applicant can reset the password in two different ways for which the links are provided in the drop-down menu.


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